Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Merch.......and stuff

Alright? Our new t-shirt design arrived from Horsebites, it's a freakin awesome, gnarly skull!
Black, White and Red T-shirts will be available at shows and at fromplantoprogress@bigcartel.com from this wednesday onwards so get them while mullet-sporting skulls are still in fashion!
In other news, tour starts next week with a couple UK shows before heading over to the mainland where we'll be playing with our good friends Rentokill and Black Sheep. We'll be doing a blog tour diary with plenty of lame pictures in a feeble, last-ditch attempt to exploit the benefits of Digital Media.
Also in August we'll be touring Spain and Portugal before heading over to Russia for a two week tour (dates tba soon). It's gona be crazy and if all goes according to plan you'll be able to watch regular updates from both tours in the form of a video blog/Tour diary right here!
We also just finished recording guitars for some new demo tracks so as soon as we're back from tour we'll be slapping some vocals down and putting them up on our Myspace page for you to hear.

Our lovable yet sketchy, piece of shit van failed its MOT with outstanding conviction which unfortunately resulted in us having to cancel both shows this Sunday (5th) in Cambridge and Blackburn. Sorry to anyone who was coming to those shows, we'll try our best to re-schedule them soon.


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

First Post - Greetings.

So, first post....... We have a new Myspace layout, you can check it out at http://www.myspace.com/fromplantoprogress it has blood and shit on it, don't worry we haven't decided to admit defeat and become a trendy, beatdown hardcore band just yet.
We also got a page in Rockzone (Spanish Rocksound Magazine) I think it says we're pretty average which is always nice to hear! Check it out -
NEW SONGS - At the moment we're demoing some new tracks which will be available to stream in the next couple weeks, we're really pleased with the tracks and they'll be going on our next album which we'll be recording before the end of the year.

MERCH - We decided to splash out on some new merch! in the next couple weeks you'll be able to spend/waste your hard earned cash/dole money on FPTP T-shirts (designed by Rich Minino @ Horsebites), bags, stickers, badges and all kinds of crazy stuff.
Check out Horsebites awesome work at http://www.horsebitesdesign.com/illustration.html

TOURS - In july we go to Europe for our summer holiday, we'll also be playing some shows so be sure to keep checking this page for tour pics,vids and updates.
Also, we'll be announcing more tours in the next few weeks which we're really excited about so stay tuned!

Well I guess that's it for now!


ps - We're playing The Freebutt on July 8th with our good friends The Fallthrough, The Arteries and All Idols Fall - it's gonna be a sick show so if you're in the Brighton area on July 8th make sure you come down!